Welcome to Tetra® Bike Care

Posted by Greg Cohen on Aug 1st 2014

Developed by FTI, Inc., a pioneer in advanced lubrication and cleaning technology for over 30 years, the Tetra ® Bike care product line offers cyclists the technology they need to keep their bikes operating at peak performance, and with minimal cleaning and maintenance time.

For those old enough to remember, Tetra® Bike Lubricant was first introduced to the market many years ago, before the company refocused its efforts on other sporting goods markets. In late 2015, Tetra ® Bike Lubricant was re-introduced, along with many additions to the line, including: Tetra ® Bike Grease, Tetra® Bike Cleaner Degreaser, Tetra® Bike Tune-Up spray and several applicator accessories. 

This year, Tetra® Bike has been used consistently and successfully by one of the top American Women's Pro Cycling teams, Colavita. Tetra® Bike riders know the unmatched results that can be attained when an advanced material is used correctly. From Australia and New Mexico to Sweden and Belgium, we have dispelled the myth that a bike lube needs to be Wet OR Dry. FTI’s chemists are committed to the science behind developing and manufacturing a superior lubrication technology, not to mention knowing how to best prepare metal surfaces for optimal output.

Tetra® Bike care is developed to give cyclists optimum performance in all harsh conditions and temperature extremes. With the longest track record in synthetic lubricants in sporting goods, Tetra ® Bike care is proven technology that delivers results.