How to Get Started

Jul 27th 2017

Installment 2: How to Get Started The easiest way to clean your bicycle is to place it into a bicycle stand. A good alternative is to use your car bike rack, provided it’s the type that mounts by … read more

​Step-by-step Tips for Cleaning Your Bicycle

Jun 30th 2017

Step-by-step Tips for Cleaning Your BicycleInstallment 1: Why it’s Important to Clean Your BicycleYou’ve made a substantial investment in your bicycle, and, just like other purchases, there are steps … read more

6 Easy Steps to a Clean Bicycle

Jun 30th 2017

Installment 3: 6 Easy Steps to a Clean BicycleNow that you have your Tetra® Bike care products, and your bicycle is positioned appropriately, as discussed in How to Get Started, let’s get star … read more