6 Easy Steps to a Clean Bicycle

Jun 30th 2017

Installment 3: 6 Easy Steps to a Clean Bicycle

Now that you have your Tetra® Bike care products, and your bicycle is positioned appropriately, as discussed in How to Get Started, let’s get started.

For geared bicycles, shift to the largest chainring (front) and smallest cog (rear) to allow the most access and straightest chain line.

1. Once the bike is in a secure position, rinse it from top to bottom. If using a hose, set the nozzle to allow for a stream of water; high pressure settings can allow water and dirt to get past seals.

2. Spray the entire drivetrain (chain, derailleurs, chainring, cassette, and brakes) with Tetra® Bike Cleaner Degreaser. Allow this to work for 5-10 minutes.

Respray drivetrain with Tetra® Bike Cleaner Degreaser and, using your Tetra® Bike Tough Brush, start with the chain:

  • First, with the opening of the u-shaped end of the brush facing down, capture the lower run of the chain between the crank and rear wheel in the brush. Apply moderate downward pressure, and backpedal until the chain has made several passes through the brush.
  • Next, repeat with the brush facing upward on the lower side of the chain.
  • Next, using the long-bristled end of the Tetra® Bike Tough Brush, and Tetra® Bike Grunge Sponge™, scrub the cassette and chainrings well. The u-shaped end of the brush works well on the toothed portion of the chainrings.
  • Finally, scrub the derailleurs and brakes well but carefully with the detail brush.

3. Next, fill a bucket about halfway with the warmest water available, and add Tetra® Bike Performance Wash. Clean your Tetra® Bike Grunge Sponge™ and then use it to wash the entire bike, top to bottom.

  • Gently clean the saddle and handlebar
  • Clean the entire frame, being sure to get the underside of all tubes, especially under the bottom bracket and chain stays.
  • Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the entire bike, take the remaining water/cleaner in the bucket and give your drivetrain a cleaning rinse.

4. Rinse the entire bike, again from top to bottom. Remember, if using a hose, use a gentle flow of water, not a high pressure jet.

5. After allowing the bike to completely dry, use Tetra® Bike lubricants to thoroughly lubricate the drivetrain and all moving parts (more details in our next blog series, Step-by-Step Tips for Lubricating Your Bicycle).

6. Finally, to bring back the original luster of your frame and help protect it from the elements, spray Tetra® Bike Performance Polish onto a Tetra® Bike Dry-n-Shine™ Cloth, and thoroughly wipe the entire frame.

You’re finished! And your bicycle is looking much better and operating better than before.

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