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Q: What are Tetra® Bike Grease & Lubricant made of — lithium or Teflon®?


A: Tetra® Bike Grease and Tetra® Bike Lubricant are unique synthetic blend formulas developed over 30 years ago. They are not lithium-based. And even though the company’s advanced fluoropolymer technology is based on a Teflon®-like PTFE particle, the Tetra® particle is milled down to a much smaller, more spherical shape. Lubricant and Grease contain additional proprietary ingredients as well. Due to the unique, advanced technology of Tetra® Bike Grease and Lubricant, the products can be used in any environment, as they repel moisture, resist agglomeration of dust, road grime, and debris, and perform across the widest temperature range in the industry (-100°F to 750°F).



Q: What is the difference between Tetra® Bike Grease and Tetra® Bike Lubricant?


A: Tetra® Bike Grease is the paste version of our lubricant technology, offering the highest viscosity. Tetra® Bike Lubricant has an oil consistency, but is not technically oil. Both products are based on the same fluoropolymer technology. We offer these different physical forms for a good reason: Grease is best used on high-friction and heavy load areas where lubrication should remain in place (e.g., the bottom bracket); Lubricant, due to its oil consistency, is intended to migrate to difficult-to-reach places (e.g., drivetrain components).



Q: Where should Tetra® Bike Grease and Lubricant be used?


A: Typically, Tetra® Bike Grease is meant for high-wear moving parts such as bottom brackets, pedals, and headsets, as it stays in place. Tetra® Bike Lubricant has a lower viscosity, and is more of an all-purpose lubricant that can be used anywhere lubrication is needed, even in the tightest, hardest-to-reach parts, such as bicycle chains and derailleurs.



Q: How do I use Tetra® Bike Lubricant?


A: After thorough cleaning of the drivetrain, shift to the largest chain ring (front) and smallest sprocket (rear). While pedaling backwards, apply Tetra® Bike Lubricant to the upper surface of the lower run of chain. Once the entire chain has been treated, continue to pedal backwards for 5-10 revolutions to allow Lubricant to begin penetrating the pins and rollers. Allow to sit (overnight is ideal, but at least 2-3 hours) to ensure that Tetra® Bike Lubricant embeds fully into the interior surfaces of the chain. Before riding, wipe off excess Lubricant from the outside of the chain.

Use Tetra® Bike Lubricant on all other pivot points of the drivetrain by applying a drop or two, and allowing it to work in.



Q: How are Tetra® Bike lubricants different from other brands?


A: There are many brands of bicycle lubricants on the market, but none of them can penetrate metal surfaces as well, or provide the lasting lubrication needed for sustainable performance. Additionally, Tetra®; Bike lubricants act as repellants to grime, and provide unsurpassed friction and wear reduction.



Q: Will Tetra® Bike care products ‘gum up’ my bicycles?


A: No. Unlike many traditional bicycle care products, Tetra® Bike lubricants and cleaners do not contain petroleum products, which are the leading cause of ‘gumming up’, which can lead to decreased performance and promote grime buildup.



Q: How should I use Tetra® Bike Cleaner?


A: Tetra® Bike Cleaner is a ‘green’ formula cleaner and degreaser that cuts through stubborn grime and old lubricant on the drivetrain, while being gentle on the skin with no strong odor or fumes. Use Tetra® Bike Cleaner full-strength on the drivetrain to remove old lubricant and accumulated grime. Spray on full strength; allow to work for 10-15 minutes; scrub with Tetra® Bike Tough Brush™; and then rinse thoroughly.



NOTE: Whenever rinsing your bicycle, avoid a high pressure jet of water. Instead, use a gentle flow of water to ensure that seals are not compromised and that water does not reach parts of the bicycle that it could damage or cause to rust.



TIP: When washing is complete, use any remaining Tetra® Bike Cleaner solution to give a final cleaning rinse to the drivetrain. Then, rinse the entire bicycle, working top to bottom, with a gentle flow of water. See how Tetra® Bike Cleaner returns your bike to its original luster!

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